Friday, January 30, 2009

the truth..

after getting my AS results, i made my own expectation of the components' results. however, things turned out to be really unexpected!!

Expected: AAB
Actual: BAA

comment: i'm really surprised!!B for paper 1???!!and A for paper 3??!!never in my life i got A for it~

Expected: AAB
Actual: ABA

comment: the paper 3 was the same day with Cambridge interview and i really screwed it up because get a valid results for the experiments. paper 2, a lot of careless mistakes and i didn't include the silly mistakes that i've made..

Expected: AA
Actual: AA

comment: alhamdulillah. but if they have 3 papers, i might screw the other one'll see what i mean.

Expected: ACA
Actual: ABA

comment: i underestimated myself too much LOL

Overall comment: the results are unexpected but alhamdulillah..i don't have to re-sit any of them..i wonder if i'll do a chi-squared test on this...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


my hard work paid off..all the praise to Allah s.w.t. Congratulations also to KYUEMians batch 10 and 10.5!!some of us might not get the results that we want. but, it's not the end of the world. your failure might be a stepping stone to a success. to those who succeed, this might be a stepping stone to a greater success in the future. syukur!~

Monday, January 19, 2009

a director's thought..

i'm currently suffering from bipolar disorder. my life is a big mess. my room is even in a bigger mess than ever; not that it has always been neat. but it was way tidier than now. i've lost my ability to do homework. turning into an insomniac. even a nap during lunch time seems impossible. lost my ability to socialise; i lock myself in my room every night trying to cope with my academic but always ends in vain. lost the ability to laugh at jokes. suddenly feels that 'the nanny' can never makes me laugh anymore. going to blow up any time soon. hoping that my fellow housemates would lend a hand with all of the work now that Bangsawan is just around the corner. utter anxious with my AS result which should be released in 2 days time. classes are no longer enjoyable since i have lots of things lingering in my head. looking forward to this friday; the date when the finalised script is to be handed in. i'm grateful that i have some good friends and juniors who are willing to sacrifice their precious time with those Bangsawan work. i hope that things will be better after the meeting with Pn Halijah at 5pm today because i don't want to lose my temper any time soon. Garnetors, please wake up!! all of you are old enough to think for yourself. don't be tooooo self-centred. if you have test, we have TESTS. if you're having exam this semester, this is OUR LAST SEMESTER and WE ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT AT IT. hear me, and hear me now. or you'll here my LOUDEST voice which i haven't had for the past 3 years. Let's do our best now so that we can savour our good time later. i expect nothing less from all of you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

at last..

remember the interview with dr suzanne farid and also the email that i received from UCL a few weeks ago???if you don't, then click here for the interview and here for the email.

at last, they have decided to update my UCAS track yesterday!now, i have a reminder saying that:

and i don't have to wait anymore~

the overall results:

date: 24th October 2008
University of Warwick(W20)
BBB which includes Biology and Chemistry

date: 29th October 2008
University College London(U80)
AAB - Biology, Chemistry and Maths respectively
Pass Physics at AS Level
IELTS 7.0 with minimum of 6.5 in each component

date: 5th December 2008
Imperial College London(I50)
AAB - Biology, Chemistry and Maths respectively

date: 6th January 2009
University of Cambridge(C05)
Natural Sciences(BCF0)

date: 16th January 2009
University College London(U80)
Biochemical Engineering(H811)
ABB - subjects not specified
Pass in Physics at AS Level

so, there are 4 conditional offers and 1 rejection~=)

Monday, January 12, 2009


bangsawan, test and homework!!blog: on hold!~

kawan-kawan yg menjadikan P20 sebagai ruang persinggahan: tolong lah senyap sket!!~jgn la absent-minded nk study...!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

goodbye cambridge!!~ hello Imperial and UCL!!

it's not the end of the world!~ everything happens for a reason. one door closes, another one opens! now to find the right door~ =S

finally the decision has been made. a little sad but kind of relieved because i don't have to wait for it anymore. praise to Allah since i still have the other 4 offers. but now, i'm in a dilemma. UCL or imperial?? i know it's still to early to decide. but, before you know it, the time will come. this semester will be way hectic and time will fly!!it's either now, while it's still abit loose and free or the last minute when i need to prepare for trials, A2 and other important stuff! maybe i have a solid reason to not think about it now. the result for my UCL biochemical engineering is yet to be announced officially in UCAS. AAA? AAB? ABB? BBB? owh well, i know the minimum will be BBB. just hope for the best insya Allah! now that, everything is over, not officially, time to grab those As and meet all the requirements!!~ がんばって!!~

Monday, January 5, 2009

i have to do what i have to do..


i'm going back to college.
really soon.
should be right about now.
the dreaded moment has finally come.
going to see mr vroege, mr hanson, ms aizan and ms castaldo again~
going to see my friends again!!!! =)
well, it might not be that bad after all~


Sunday, January 4, 2009


it's really weird, when the end credits start to roll, the whole theatre breaks into laughter. especially it's a horror movie. they go,
"what the hell??"
"omg..i just spent 10 bucks just to confuse myself!"
"glad thats over, i thought my add maths is sooo much easier to understand."
"LMAO..i don't understand a thing!"

guess what??that happened to me. DARK FLOORS!!

personal comment: this movie has a lot of good horror elements. but the script is a bit weak. and they do need to explain to the audience what the hell is going on. everyone felt as if they were bamboozled after the movie. huh!

my theory: Sarah is an autistic girl who possesses psychic ability to foresee the future with her drawing. but i have no idea what does the "red crayon" represent. tobias on the other hand is dead but his soul is trapped in his own body. and this evil spirit which looks like Dark Lord in Ragnarok online traps 6 innocence in a time loop, in the hospital where everyone is dead except these chosen 6. and every floor in the hospital is a different time dimension which is parallel to each other. so basically the dark lord messes up with sarah, tobias, ben-sarah's dad, emily-a nurse(i think), ric, walter and jon. eventually everyone dies in the end leaving sarah with her so-called fate. but each time sarah confronts the dark lord face to face, the whole event starts again. it's like deja vu!and only sarah and tobias know this.
dr walter is dead!

sarah feels something!

so i searched in the net for some explanation and i found a good one:

I've heard some folks say that Dark Floors is confusing almost to the point of madness and that the only thing they can figure out is that they are running from the Lordi crew. So I'm here to explain whats going on.

Everyone in the movie is dead. They can't help it but they are dead. The little girl, Sarah, and the hobo dude know this. They say she may be epileptic or have some mental disorder well she does. She has been driven insane by the knowledge that she and everyone she interacts with is already dead and can do nothing about it. So insane in fact that she appears autistic to the others. The MRI machine blowing up is the first signal that they are dead because when one of those things goes it releases tons of electric energy and would kill anyone in the vicinity. The second is the hobo walking up to her in the hall and saying something which later we learn is "Sarah, I'm not cold anymore" indication that the hobo gets to move on or something like that. The link that hobbo joe and sarah seem to share is there because they are both dead and know it. hobo joe has probly been through this a million times and knows whats gonna happen just as well as she does. The only difference being that this time he gets to go on finally.

My first theory is that in the Lordi universe the Lordi crew has decided for their own amusement they will trap 6 innocent souls in a pocket hell that repeats itself.

My second theory is that Sarah may not be dead but either asleep or in a coma. Ever had a dream where you did something but later the dream started over with minute detail changes? The crayon being red the first time then blue the second supports this theory.

Now at the end of the movie you see Sarah confronting Mr. Lordi himself and she says "I would like to go home now". This will support the pocket hell theory because clearly in her light filled form she is completely sane and reasonable. But Mr. Lordi apparently has other ideas like torturing her psyche for all time or something.

All in all I would say that everyone is dead and with the exception of hobo joe and sarah do not know it and are therefore damned or tormented by the Lordi crew into an endless repeating hellish illusion until they realize and accept whats going on.

i got it from here~

pretty cool. my theory is quite close. only that i didn't know that MRI can do such damage!

Friday, January 2, 2009

stop nailin' it..


There once was a little boy who had a bad

His Father gave him a bag of nails
and told him that every time he lost his temper,
he must hammer a nail into the back
of the fence.

The first day the boy had
driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next
few weeks, as he learned to control his
anger, the number of nails hammered daily
gradually dwindled down. He discovered
it was easier to hold his temper than to
drive those nails into the fence.

Finally the day came when the boy didn't
lose his temper at all.
He told his father about it
and the father suggested that
the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he
was able to hold
his temper.

The days passed and the young boy was finally
able to tell his father that all the nails
were gone.
The father took his son
by the hand
and led him to the fence
He said,

'You have done well, my son,
but look at the holes in the fence.
The fence will never be the same.

When you say things in anger,
they leave a scar just like this one.

You can't put a knife in a man and draw it out
without leaving a wound in his body.

It won't matter how many times you say 'I'm sorry',
the wound is still there.

A verbal
wound is as bad as a physical one.

Friends are very rare jewels, indeed.

They make you smile
and encourage you to succeed.
They lend an ear,
they share words of praise
and they always want to open their hearts to us.'

Please forgive me if I have ever left a hole.


wizards of waverly place's Selena Gomez!!she's sweet and gorgeous!!w0ot!!haha..hyper terlebih~~owh yea..she's a 1992..

this is so true..

"Relationship is like a thigh; you start off smooth, then a little lumpy. But, without them, you don't have leg to stand on."

-Sylvia Fine, The Nanny-

Thursday, January 1, 2009

deaf by the barber~

i had a haircut just now. my barber was an indian guy. he was actually talking to me or "trying to have a decent conversation" with me.

"rambut ok x?"

"i can't see. need my specs"

he continued while iput back my specs on the desk in front.

"umur brape?" hair shaver buzzes in my ears

"erk..(i couldn't hear a thing except the buzzing) jauh??"

i was just putting my specs off. so, i assumed it was:

"rabun ape??"

and he repeated the question so i said 19, and he sed he arrived frm india same age as me. now 23. like i care??and he went on and on about i dunno what. kept nodding but couldnt hear a thing. deaf by the barber lol!!

and i have a question??do americans eat cili padi??beacause the nasi goreng USA i had just now had lots of them!!ROFL

witty nanny~

CC: ooo.. how does she do it to him all the time??
Niles: it's a female thing, you'll never understand..

-Cecilia(CC) Babcock and Niles-

Maxwell: Niles, get this trash out of here..
(handing him the 'Gloss" magazine)
Niles: you heard the man!move it!!(staring at CC)

-Maxwell Sheffield and Niles-

"Like my cousin Toddy always says; if you want to be dead, be drop dead!"

-Fran Fine-