Wednesday, December 31, 2008

akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!!


a series of events

in batu feringghi, penang. not going to upload any photo. i'm just too lazy now to transfer those pictures into my laptop.

a series of unfortunate events:
- the hotel sucks big time. i mean. i'll give 2.5 out of 5 stars. maintenance is really bad. the ceiling in the bathrooms are really low. hurt my arms many times. too bad it's peak season and that was the best hotel we could get.
- i had a blonde moment. was trying to save the clothes from falling off the balcony. didn't see the closed sliding glass door. and guess what?? bang!!! my head collided with the glass waking everyone up from their naps. broke into crazy laughters~the kak ila put a big NO ENTRY sign on the glass door with a big X mark on it. with her lipstick. ROFL
- got stung by something while having fun on the beach. not sure what. but got itched and inflammation. reminding me of the chapter immunity. haha. kak lin, a soon-to-be doctor said it could not have been a jellyfish sting because it wasn't that severe. got tiger balm on it and made in waterproof. and had some more fun. so you sea creatures think that a sting would make me lose all the fun at the beach??no wayy!

i was supposed to write the fortunate ones too but m too lazy to do it anyway..there are lots of them~

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


to all kysmians batch 0610!!

100% str8 As again!!
2nd time in a row!!!

proud of you ppl!!

Forever Friend

we cannot measure friendship.. (true..)
in dollars, time or weight.. (duh!!)
we cannot see it coming.. (yes..that's what we call 'fate' at work)
that part is left to fate.. (see!i told you so~)

but once we know the blessing.. (please define i sound like Ms Audrey Lim)
that comes with one good friend.. (ok, i didn't see that coming..seriously!!)
we know the joy and gladness.. (and sorrow to top off with agony..yeah2 i know, i'm being negative)
of friendship without end.. (i'm glad that comes to an end!haha)

there's no particular reasons why i wrote this, because i didn't write it. i just copied it from somewhere else. the bracketed ones are my sarcastic comments with no intention to make fun of anyone. just to spice things up a little. but i have a question. the person who actually wrote this must have some kind of sentimental value behind this and really meant what he wrote. how about those who actually use it to dedicate it to someone else?? all i know is you wouldn't know what you got till it's gone.. haha.. that's my essay title! anyway, i'm open to comments. i know there's a particular person would really love to answer and clarify things up. =)

p/s: i was about to post this then suddenly anuar zain's teman terulung is on in my playlist! what are the odds??

Monday, December 29, 2008

another note to self..

dear izzat,
i'm your conscience and also your sanity. it looks like i've finally found you. you seem to be very "busy" during the holidays so, it took some time to reach you. how could you forget about me??! now that i'm here, i shall hunt you for the rest of the holidays and worse, maybe for another week after the college re-opens. *sinister laugh*

if you work hard this whole week, then next week will be swell. well, apart from having your DE test and bangsawan practices start, you should be ok. i have high hopes on you. and by the way, the reason why you are really fidgety and anxious lately is because of me! a positive sign that you're coming back to your senses. i know the cambridge decision, AS results and bangsawan might be clashing with each other. just chill ok?

you've faced worse. i know because those were the time you needed me the most. *wink*

your long lost,
conscience and sanity

to everyone!~

Saturday, December 27, 2008

a quick note to self..

dear izzat,

you've lost your conscience and sanity at KYUEM guard house when you signed out almost 5 weeks ago.

a reminder from,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

how i have been spending my holidays..

i decided to miss my friends and write about this..XD

the first week: just finished AS, no way i'm going to start with something academic. chillin' at home. nothing better to do. downloaded songs, animes. owh yeah. managed to complete watching Akazukin Cha Cha(i know, it's an old kiddie's but i like it. made me laugh a lot with their punny jokes.)-74 episodeas and 3 OVAs and Kiba(51 epidodes), serious one, the 1st anime i've watched without any funny scene. kinda good for otakus, that love action packed animes. *thumbs up* i watched movies too. erm. if only i can remember what was it. haha. was it twilight? no, wasn't released yet. owh!!! madagascar 2!! with my cousins and bro. "moto moto..i'm so hot that you say my name twice" haha. love it!

the 2nd week: still hadn't done anything academic. continue downloading and watching animes. Inukami(26 episodes and a movie), light ecchi, PG needed haha. really funny. Ragnarok(26 episodes). i play the game and why not watch the anime?? haha. oooo..and my all-time favourite Tsubasa Chronicle, its OVA - Tsubasa Tokyo Revelation(3 episodes). finally, the whole series makes sense. haha. and xxxHOLiC season 1- 24 episodes and 1 movie. another CLAMP's production. Love it~not planning to watch the 2nd season just yet. owh. i went to mid-valley to meet azura and azeem. while waiting for them, i watched Wild Child - Nancy Drew's Emma Roberts is hillarious! you should watch it! and i think i watched Twilight too. sappy stuff haha. ok la kot.

the 3rd week & 4th week: did a little bit of reading; biology and chemistry since ilham has been enthusiastically texted me with lots of questions. feel a little bit intimidated. haha. nothing much happened. was busy with my cousin's wedding. did some reading for UCL interview. and the interview itself. no movies. no anime. *sigh*

haha. not really a productive holidays, rite? here's the list of academic stuff to be completed before the holidays end:
-Biology: read on Natural Selection & Evolution. and the worksheets. though, it's due 2 weeks after the holidays, still going to do it. hehe, after all, it's the first time mr vroege has ever given us homework during holidays.
-Chemistry: read the notes on Group IV given by mr hanson.
-Maths: revision on Differential Equations for the test right after the holidays. typical ms aizan. haha.
-IELTS: 1 essay on .. err.. i can't even remember the topic..need to check again. LOL. and reading practice. last time with ms rena, i didn't even bother to hand the work in on time, but i still do her work, not promptly.hehe. but now with ms castaldo, i have to or i wouldn't be able to take up my IELTS next month. she IS the head of english department after all.

can anyone tell me when will i start with all of these?? left with less than 2 weeks. i'm really worried about my AS results. huhu. and the cambridge's decision is driving me nuts! XD lets hope for the best!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

michelle lim ai ling, congratz!!!~

you're the bomb!!
i'm proud to be your chem classmate!

congratulations for making it to oxford!!

another offer this way comes~

last night, i was really tired and sleepy. i checked my email and *poof*, i got this in my inbox. i couldn't believe my eyes so i asked syazwan through ym to read this. and he answered, "this means that they really want you!!" "yay me!!"

they told me that the results will only be announced in a few weeks time. but it's barely a week since my interview. LOL

Dear Izzat,

Biochemical Engineering at UCL

We were impressed with your performance at interview where we felt you demonstrated you had the skill base and aptitude for biochemical engineering. The staff panel have agreed that you meet the criteria that we seek in a potential undergraduate. We are, therefore, making a recommendation to the Faculty Tutor that you be offered a place to study Biochemical Engineering at UCL. The actual details of the offer listing any conditions attached will be sent by the Engineering Faculty Office and you should receive that shortly.

I have enclosed some articles on biochemical engineering which I thought might be of interest.

May I wish you good luck with any future exams and I hope to welcome you to UCL in September.

Yours sincerely,
Suzanne Farid
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

Hayley Powell
Undergraduate Admissions Secretary
Department of Biochemical Engineering
University College London
Torrington Place
Tel: 0207 679 3003

reaching out: a friend~

back then,
"you are my best friend"
"owh no, you got it all wrong.
you're just a friend; i barely want to know more about you!"

and yes, in my face indeed. *sob*

but now,
"my best friend, long long time ago"
"owh yeah??i thought i was just a friend.
and you barely want to know more about me!"
"i was immature back then.
can't you at least give me a second chance?"

and so, we took this path; a choice of nullified hesitance.
maybe still is. regret? yes. relieved? yes.

i've changed, you've changed, we've changed.
for better and worse.
the drama that everyone talked so much about.
glad it came to an end. sooner than we think it would.

nothing says best than our actions.
the present is truly the gift of today.
the past will stay as memories.
the future is a wish that will come true.

-a pleasant life to you, my friend-

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

interview with dr suzanne farid

UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering: Bringing Discoveries to Life.

i was coughing like hell a few minutes before the phone rang. i do get this when nervous.
8.05pm, my mobile phone rang~i'm just going to list down the questions that were asked:

1. how did you know about biochemical engineering?and why?
a typical question really..but since this is a new field, you might get trapped with what you say.

2. i've read your personal statement and learnt that you are really fond of biochemistry. how does it differ to biochemical engineering?highlight the overlapping between these two fields.
so, i blabbed about how biochemistry is about knowing living things in-depth while biochemical engineering is an extension of biochemistry. we don't acquire new knowledge but we strengthen our understanding in the basic concepts brought forth by biochemistry. and she added up about drugs, bio-drugs, chemo therapy and lotsa things. i did learn alot.

3. can you tell me about the body that is funding you with your studies?are you going to be attached to them after graduating?how many years are they planning to sponsor you in UK?
bullshitting time!!and i mean it.i should be embarassed of myself.i don't even know where will i go after graduation.*shame*

and she continued enlightening me with life there, london, the fascilities and lots os things that we'll be doing as a student in her department. how we're going to conduct practicals in international pharmaceutical companies and much more. i can't wait!!the intervie ended approximately 8.36pm.

insyaAllah..everything will be fine~will be hearing from them in a few weeks time.*nervous*

the nanny vs homework!

it is hilarious..i love it soooo much!!it makes me laugh my heart out~literally!!who wouldn't "give up" his/her time to do homework for a good show like this??i know i would!everyday-since the holiday starts, i'll stuck in front of tv from 12 am to 1am at hallmark, astro channel 702 to indulge my soul with this all time favourite show of mine~(i remember watching this back in primary, but that time, i didn't even understand what's all about..haha)
the nanny-ms fran fine

she's a jew from queens and ends up in manhattan with maxwell and family as their nanny. funny nasal voice. even funnier laugh. queen of logic really. she has a crush on maxwell. loves her witty comments that she puts up after she said something insanely ridiculous~

mr maxwell beverly sheffield

a broadway director and also a father of 3 children. he sometimes has the pda(public display of affection) towards the nanny. trusts niles, the butler so much. doesn't really trust fran with secrets.haha. really he's always the victim here. btw, he's an englishman.

niles- the butler

been with the sheffields for quite awhile. really love his sarcastic comments on ms cecilia babcock, maxwell's business partner. after everything, yes-EVERYTHING that she says!personally, i think he has the thing with her. work hand-in-hand with fran to tease CC(cecilia).

ms cecila(CC) babcock - the partner

she also has a crush on maxwell. been working with him for 10 years. sworn enemy with niles. they tease each other a lot. a rival to fran. but most of the time, she has to be the victim of fran's and niles's sarcasm. pity her sometimes.

so, why should i do homework?lol. i still have 2 weeks +. hope to start soon.

i love the show!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

iq test~

was really bored and eager to know my IQ so i did it lol~
What's your IQ? - What's your IQ?
136 is not that bad aite?XD
wanna know yours??click here~

p/s: i don't think this test is really that reliable~*sigh*

Monday, December 15, 2008

been taggged and i'm it!

. 5 ciri wanita/lelaki idaman anda:
wahduh!mcm class islamic ust malike plak..haha
-si dia, who smiles always
-good personality(termasuk akhlak la nih)
-secretive and mysterious
-klu bleh nyanyi, a bonus!nk duet.haha(i know, i know forget about the past and move on..)
-caring loving and those things yang cliche

2. 5 wanita/lelaki yang tak pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup:
- erm..traitor
-*ssh*l*<----pardon my language XD -someone who ALWAYS takes me for granted
-and the list goes on~

3. 5 perasaan anda sekiranya keluar dgn org yg diminati:

haha..i like this..though it has been awhile.
-そわそわ-sowasowa~fidgety a lil bit..
-and you don't expect me to tell evrything, do you?XD

4. 5 tempat istimewa yg ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda:-

-mall, definitley
-movies, yes!
-xtau lagi dah~

5. 5 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang akan anda hadiahkan kepada Si Dia:
hmm..i'll list of things that i had given her~
-lotsa fun memories.ROFL

6. 5 Tajuk lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk pasangan anda:
- incomplete
- you're beautiful
- ku juga mencintai dirimu
-gosh, this is harder than expected..hehe

7. Rakan yang anda tag dan mahu mereka buat 5 perihal ini. WAJIB!!!Mereka perlu diberitahu akan hal ini:
-pali<<==dun think he'll do it -p.chek -3 cukup la~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

gila-mila & lucky!

Do you hear me?
I'm talking to you
Across the water
Across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky
Oh my and baby I'm trying

Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I wait for you, I promise you I will

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music fill the air
I'll put a flower in your hair

Though the breezes through the trees
Move so pretty, you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday


makes me wanna fall in love again expected from jason mraz..bravo to him and colbie caillat~

by the way, i've been listening to 'gila' by mila since january this year. but, only recently it's a hit in the radio~SLOW la this people~

morning daze

since everyone is soooo psyched up with their university offers, maybe i should join them too~

back then, before getting any offer, was really really reaaalllyyy frustrated and anxious..i had to undergo the cambridge interview without them, not even one. but most of the oxbridge applicants have recieved at least one offer. shouldn't really complain because the Universities that i applied for seem to take their own sweet time. (have to go with the list given by PNB rite?)

so the long torturing wait came to an end when i recieved and offer from University of Warwick to read Biochemistry on the day with cambridge TSA. it was 24th October 2008. i think i checked my UCAS Track at 3am. couldn't sleep because of the TSA thingie. Alhamdulillah. the offer is BBB. pretty good. should make a good insurance university. by the way, IELTS is not specified in the offer.

and 5 days after that, University College London generously offers me a place to read also, Biochemistry with the offer :
Grade A - Chemistry
and Grade A - Biology
and Grade B - Mathematics
An overall IELTS grade of 7.0 with minimum of 6.5 in each of the subtests

the morning before AS chemistry paper 1, Impecrial College London also offers me to read Biochemistry:
Grades AA in
Grade B - Mathematics
IELTS is also not specified here.
alhamdulillah again. and later after that i recieved an email from Madam Hayley Powell, the Undergraduate Admissions Secretary for UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering. there'll be an interview ; skype/phone- my choice. i chose phone since the internet connection here is pretty crappy. it's on the 17th December 2008 8pm(GMT+8). huhuhu. 2 more days. i need to prepare myself. what if the interview is similar to cambridge?gosh. hope not. i can so this. insyaALLAH~

i'll do my best!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

..of golden bunga telur

so the morning started off before 6 am with my mom yellin', waking me up from my not-so-peaceful sleep. after subuh which was around 6.45 am, we depart for rumah nenek. the atmosphere was a bit damp and very inviting indeed, to fall back into a deep slumber that is. LOL.. as expected, it was still tooooo early as most of my relatives were not there yet.

the event started with recital of doa selamat by one of my cousins, abg mizi at approximately 8.30 am. then, we indulged ourselves with the food ("order aje" -nenek-) ; auntie rohayah's mee goreng, karipap, roti jala, cucur badak and kuih bakar. everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves, but not me. still half-awake hehehe..

after the buzzing and chattering, with the arrival of pak long and abg long(we call our 1st born cousin with this name) and his wife, everyone prepared themselves to leave for the surau where the nikah is going to be held at.

the hantaran..

the groom, my cousin~

the mother, my auntie~

off we go to the surau. at 11am the pak imam arrived with his we should start on time.but we didn't! pak imam asked us to wait up for another lousy couple that doesn't know the meaning of the word 'punctuality'!! they arrived 15 mins after the scheduled time. *sigh* and so the procession started with the tazkirah regarding the rsponsibilities in family and was waaaaaaay longer than the khutbah jumaat. i was drowzy and most probably half asleep the whole time. haha. a flashback: i took in some medicine before that after being convinced by my cousin that they won't make me drowzy after taking them in. so NOT!! to top of with that, i slept at 3 am this morning. haha.

the Q&A session @ 'interview' the pak imam said.

the ijab and kabul..

doa recital~

and alhamdulillah..everything ends well..and i was reaaaalllyyyy sleepy. as soon as we arrived at rumah nenek, i zonked out though everyone else was having lots of fun openig the hantaran recieved from the bride. owh, what the heck??! i got my longingly waited sleep.ROFL..

thus, we have a new member in the family. actually, kak ila(yes, the bride's name) has been with us for quite awhile now. i guess, today makes it more official..


may this marriage lasts forever. insya ALLAH~

darah manis

"nek, ji nak keluar."
"tak payah. kamu tu penantin baru, darah manis!"

-abang ji and nenek-

my remarks:
diabetes melitus??haha..definitely not. i guess it's an idiom, the first time i heard of it. it's a belief that someone who is getting married should stay at home the night before the wedding. bad things will happen if they don't.

but in the end, abang ji did go out with my parents to get some stuff for the wedding..

wedding bizarre~

i'm seriously tired..just got back from my kampung which is actually just 15 mins away from home..
but, it's almost 1.30 am..i shouldn't complain, really. i'm obliged to it. in case you're still wondering (may it be you're a SLOWpoke LOL..or you could care less to read the title first..haha), my cousin is getting married..tomorrow, or should i say later at 11 am will be the nikah ceremony.

so, everyone in the family was really busy with all the hantaran and stuff.seriously, one word!penat!!!!!!owh yeah..i'll be the best man.wakakaka~anyway, if it was not for my shaver i would be sleeping soundly at kampung right now..yes, i left it at home; forced myself to tag along with my parents back here..though a part of me is really relieved to be back home..LMAO because my room doesn't remind me of all the things that we have to do tomorrow and the week to come..

the wedding will be held at my cousin's spouse place tomorrow ie sunday and at our place aka kampung aka rumah nenek yang disayangi a week later..and i'll be the best man for's what i think of being a best man:
-i have to wear sampin and GOD i hate it~a con..
-get to be noticed by everyone which is kinda heavy on both sides~pro and con
-have to stand there for roughly 2 hours..*boring*~con
-i like this one the get to taste the special food.yum~pro

come to think of it, it's not a bad idea at all. in fact, it might be a once in a life time experience right??insya Allah nothing bad will happen..lets hope that everything will be OK..i'll get some photos to post up here tomorrow and during the wedding.most probably by monday if i don't plan to stay at kampung for a least for now i don't think i will.

right. i need to go and clean myself up and straight to bed.

"lepas subuh kite bertolak" -my mom.

in any case, i'm looking forward to it!


yes!the title speaks for itself. haha. finally my own blog. you know what??been postponing this since before the AS exam. why? because heck! i couldn't think of title. ROFL well, at least now it's here. but, i have this strong feeling that somehow i'll abandon this blog sooner or later. lets hope NOT~*fingers-crossed*

so, what should i write??owh..maybe i should start with a new post..LOL..