Wednesday, April 29, 2009

of ladybugs and pests~~

KPM universities list on the board!
most of them were pretty unsatisfied with their sponsor's decisions.

i signed up for MOC!
but there's a high chance that i won't be joining because of PNB.

i took my yearbook photo picture!
though yesterday i decided to stick with the pic taken when i first entered college.

ms aizan gave us mock for p3!
if it wasn't for the ladybirds and pests, DE may be easier.

i didn't do anything productive!
it's all because of p3.

13 more days to 1st day of CIE!
how time flies.

i updated my blog!
the title is "of ladybugs and pests~~"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

finally!!!an update~

"update laa."
"nantilah, takde mase free.."

the truth: every time i tried logging in at college, it failed. bloody connection!at home, i barely remember to update.

and finally..i'm updating..wasn't planning on to write anything till i suddenly had the urge to view my blog. checked my fellow bloggers' updates and 1 grabbed my attention. hizbul's.

after months of trying to choose between imperial and UCL, i've decided to choose both.

Imperial College London
Biochemistry (BSc)
3 years
AAB-Biology, Chemistry and Maths

University College London
Biochemical Engineering (MEng)
3/4 years
ABB-any order

now, it's accommodation hunting time. of course, not literally. i just need to fill in some forms.
at first i wanted to have a single room, en-suite bathroom and self-catered, but when i found out that PNB's policy of 80-20 is no longer available, i really need to come up with plan B.

after replying to UCAS last thursday, i'm now patiently waiting for any letter/email from imperial regarding my accommodation application. the deadline is 31st of july!

Once you have accepted an academic offer from Imperial College London you will receive an email or letter with instructions of our online application procedure from May 2009 onwards.

UCL forms are here ages ago, i'm almost done filling'em up. need to get my latest passport photos and choose my residence.

will be updating more later~