Tuesday, February 24, 2009

if this was 5 months ago, my FRIEND..

Tonight, I look through your window,
It’s orange, just the way I like it,
But it’s yours, not mine,
I saw my reflection,
It’s mine, in yours.

Then I thought to myself,
What has been happening all this while?
Our time is running out,
And how you wished things can be like they used to,
Not sure whether that’s still your wish,
But maybe now it’s mine.

I’m a coward,
I can’t face you,
Not anymore,
After all the things you thought of me,
You seem to be OK with this silence,
So I’ll keep my tongue tied.

If only I could turn back time,
If only I knew how you valued me,
Or maybe you used to or have been,
It doesn’t make any difference,
I should have known better,
You’re a novice when it comes to expressing yourself.

Just one wish,
Just one hope,
Before time slips and leaves us apart,
You’ll make the right choice,
And I’ll make the right decision.

P/s: I regret for not giving you the second chance that you longed for.

and just for the record..

if you see someone who supposedly your ex-best friend or friend or whatever having fun with someone else like you used to with him/her, would you be jealous??and by the definition of 'jealous'- he spotted you 'spying', your facial expression changed, you avoided the eye-to-eye contact and you left as fast as you could. just a random thought really~

rambling like always

it has been a while since i last updated this blog. a lot has happened for the past few weeks and if it wasn't for the bloody wireless connection in college, i might be able to write something. anyway, i'm really looking forward to going back home for the weekend. although a short one, it's nothing that i would have missed. so, now i'm back as a normal student. no more "unacademic" things to worry. glad that whole busy student life is over. nothing new except the fact that currently i'm totally obsessed with Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical. Love the songs, love the dance and love everything about it. i even spent my entire time on the bus listening to the songs- journey to Kuala Gandah, the elephant conservation trip thing for senior biologists last saturday, the day after i went to watch PGL at Istana Budaya. I had a lot to say for the past few weeks especially the post bangsawan "drama", the new house committee "drama" but time didn't permit me. so, literally wrote it out in my mind rather than spilling them up here. owh and not forgetting my overly depression over IELTS results. i could have done better if I were so into it during the exam. hut, i wasn't. so, it's my bad. and recently i've been keeping in touch with someone that i hadn't really spoken to for like two years???but that made up my day really. good to listen to her laughs, and we laughed alot back then. things were really great over these few weeks. shouldn't put too much hope on a better life in the near future. mock exam is on it's way and so far, "proudly" i'd say that i've only started my revision with S2. time is running short. gotta get my lazy bump moving. but i see some positive changes in me-i'd spend my free blocks in the RC doing homework and catching up with my studies. a good sign that insyaAllah, i'll meet the requirements for my Universities' offers which comes to another dilemma! UCL or Imperial??haven't really decided on that. the good thing is, Pn Kas will be talking bout it with us soon. and my obsession with the nanny, gossip girl and other stuff is realling freakin' me out!why can't i have an obsession with my A2 books for a change??! clock is ticking and i just completed gossip girl season 1 in 3 days. nothing to be proud of!but it's good that i've completed my homework prior to watching it. it's like a self-rewarding thing which actually drives me to do something beneficial. well, lots of random stuff and sooo inorganised. that's me. loving my life now! but things should get rough soon! savour the good times now. "kill" myself later LOL. till then~

p/s: i might give some updates on the past activities when i'm at home- that is, if i still remember =)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

to manusia bodoh and sesiape lah yg ttbe x puas hati ngan aku

aku x phm..sape yg gaduh??sape yg x puas hati?
ke ade org yg bwk mulut??bawak fitnah x tentu hala??


i'm free!