Monday, March 23, 2009


last night was a bit topsy-turby when suddenly ali and p.chek noted out that we have chemistry homework! we decided not to do it. a bit reluctant so, i tucked into bed early to forget about it.

so class started as usual:

block 2
chemistry! we decided not to remind mr hanson of the homework. so, he went on teaching xray crystallography and MRI. pretty interesting but i was sleepy the whole class. managed to answer the question sheet he gave us during class. alhamdulillah. he did not mention anything about the homework. he did remind us to bring our calculators for the rest of he week as we'll be doing maths..something to do with some coefficients and stuff. what did i tell you? i was sleepy the whole class!! XD

block 4
biology! mr vroege gave us mock paper 5 for this wednesday. bio paper 5 is really hard to score! then, we continued with biotech and finished it. he went through our homework for the week and i'm looking forward to start our 2nd last chapter of the syllabus tomorrow! crop plants!

block 3
mr hanson gave us more booklet after during block 2. so i ended up in the RC doing as much as i could while syafiq yazid reading bio and fara ain over the clouds with her IELTS results. haha.

block 6
maths! we did some questions on type I and type II errors and bloody hell i didn't get the answers! ms aizan set a few questions for discussion tomorrow.

block 5 and 1
went really unproductive! had a really really long nap. so much for starting p3 revision! and i realize something. panasnye lembah beringin!!!!

after maghrib i went back to the chalet trying to do the s2 questions set by ms aizan. alhamdulillah i got'em. stupid careless mistakes! no wonder i didn't get the answers in class. did my biology homework as well. now planning to do some p3 revision but ended up writing this. *sigh* and i still have a few things to clarify my with my s2 stuff. someone please help me!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

transformasi menjadi basi..

warning: to AF fans only!

wake up's obvious that some of the participants need to be kicked out of the ACADEMY!!
tak layak!macam bagus plak tuh..bajet..poyo..vocal bukannye mantop pon!pity adila..she shouldn't be the one to A and Q tuh ah..memang tak patut masuk in the first place..wakaka..emo terlebih plak..kinda sleepy right now..buku bio dah di jengah..papers chemistry dah di'conteng'..past years s2 dah di'jamah'..p3 je lagi blom sentuh..huhu..anyway, might i say this; AF7 has the best participants so far..

my rank:
claudia-bayangan stacy
aisyah-bayangan mila
akim-vocal yang unik, practice menari lagi ye~


college is resuming..
mock exam is coming up shortly..
AF7 is on..
hafiz rocks!
claudia rocks!
aisyah rocks!
akim rocks!

my bio, chem and maths not rocking! XD

*dead meat*

Friday, March 13, 2009

contradiciton, irony..??

"sediakan payung sebelum hujan"

"dengar guruh di langit, air di tempayan dicurahkan"

think about it..