Thursday, October 1, 2009

yesterday, today and tomorrow..

kawan aku beli webcam headset baru..
die sibuk nk try gaban..
ym la, skype la..
tp streamyx seperti biase mcm kura-kura kaki 3..

hari ni,
aku rase cuak..
aku rase sedih..
aku rase gembira..
segala macam perasaan bercampur baur..
so, x taula nk ckp sebnrnye rase ape..

hanya Allah swt sahaja yang tau..
selagi ajal belum berkunjung tiba..
insya Allah, aku akan menjejakkan kaki di bumi London.

p/s: currently mmg terase mcm xde perasaan..
p/s/s: flight 11.40pm malam ni~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


sangat tak bersemangat~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 strangers, 2 macam perangai

selasa, 15/9/09

it was a busy day!woke up as early as 9am(awal ke?) bergegas ke post office..sending receipts for visa and medical check up, mestilah claim kan!dekat 1 hibu habes..kemudian petang tu,bajet af nk break fast dgn teman2 di subang parade..on the way to ktm, singgah clinic amek results blood test.
alhamdulillah, everything is negative. then, Mak Long, singgah petrol kiosk. she went out to the counter. aku kt dalam kereta memerhatikan keadaan sekeliling.

1st stranger
ade 2 org mamat nih..sorang berjaket kulit hitam di atas motor, the other one in red. die tgh isi minyak ke dalam botol kosong. nk dijadikan cerite, tertumpah minyak ke atas tangannye. so, si merah tu pantas ke pili air berdekatan. i thought to myself:

"eh..xde sabun kt situ, mane bleh hilang petrol kt tgn tuh"

..aku tersenyum (senyuman ikhlas ok!) melihat gelagat si merah. tiba-tiba matanye menangkap pandangan aku yg masih tersenyum.

"kerek sial ko!
ko pandang-pandang ape?
senyum ape?!!"

haruslah aku terus buat2 x sedar die tgh ckp ngan aku kan. so, aku pon bajet2 membelek handphone di tangan. perangai mcm tu pon ade ke?

setibenye die subang parade..dapat sms dari syafiq yazid..he couldn't make, tinggalla kami berempat; syazzy, eman dan azri(bersama-sama brownies nye!). after breaking fast at kenny roger's, dan berase tersangat-sangat hyper sebab pnb dah bagi allowance, kami ke surau utk menunaikan solat maghrib. ramai sgt org!

2nd stranger
i had to Q-up utk berwudhu'..and then ade this one pak cik kat depan. mase tgh pandang die ttbe die toleh blkg. so, aku mengukirkan senyuman sambil tu dlm kepale otak ni,

"alamak, matilah kene pelempang..(teringat case kat petrol kiosk)"
"tadi tu jarak sebatu(ok,exaggeration terlebih) ni face-to-face!"

pakcik tu membalas senyuman..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

and so it's 八月..BTN

hachigatsu, august..
i've tried writing 2 posts yesterday, but in the end i lost my interest somewhere in the middle..PHAILED!

so, my august dimulakan dgn BTN..sgt malas!1st mindset, kne basuh, i literally, dragged myself to kem bina negara, meru..not very far from my home. the atmosphere was just horrible. our KF was this lady who i couldn't remember her name. she's nice. i could tell. but the other jurulatih sangat lah annoyingly x best!so, basically, the 1st 2 days were just plain agony with the so-called "pembentangan kertas kerja"..uurh, mule2 smgtlah nk salin..but in the end, there were more "artistic lines" rather than notes. LMAO. pandang kiri, pandang kanan, almost all sedang khusyu' berzikir. the only thing i remember is "BULLSHIT!!". i think that was from the 2nd speaker who successfully made us stay wide awake for the whole 3 hour-talk. owh before that, we were suppose to elecc the committee, and guess what? ramailah budak kyuem yg dilantik:
penghulu: Kamal 10.5
pengulunita/penghuluwati/mak penghulu: Nazu
penolong mak penghulu: Nanthini
Food exco: me and vellu (haha!)
Hall exco: Mai
Emcees: Atiqah, Nadiah Amirah.
cemerlang bukan? hehe.. so 2 hari pertama diakhiri dengan test yg byk soalan mencuit hati!serious x tipu.. and by the time 30 mins, the hall was almost empty! my dorm plak, sume bdk2 PNB and a few of others frm sri cempaka and also other places. nuff said, penyiksaan pon berakhir. things got better on the 3rd day. we were divided into groups. mine was "Prajurit Tanah Air" which was also the title of our theme song which was to be presented mase malam terakhir. the Members, me, cha'er, ZB and khairul fahmy(midi look-alike, doing IB in london) yana kisas, mai, belle, faizah rani (aka pa'e kwn midi, bakal guru bahase perancis), jenessy (alamak, xreti eja, sabahan, also going to france), aime(economics in japan) and miao shan(ktj, robinson college, cambridge, law). fasci plak adalah abg s*** yg sgt best. umur die 23 thn. now doing 2nd degree in nuclear science..1st was umur x jauh sgt, so die sgt memahami. awal2 je die dh ckp, x perlu takut, saye akan bagi semua lulus. and those group activities yg kne buat, ktorg x buat pon!hahah..die byk bercerita la..psl zionis, wars, ISA mcm2 la lagi..sgt best!kesian la plak kt groups lain yg kne buat presentations and blah3..too bad!=p and the group activites kt hall were quite OK. i think all of us had fun. owh and the night yg kne perform our theme songs, we got 2nd!haha..x practice, sume spontaneous acts from cha'er, ZB and fahmy!but i guess it was good kot. we got the spirit!LOL and that night jugakla we could see miao shan's true colors; she's really perky!mlm terakhir so she was quite enthusiastic! but all in all, BTN was horrible and a lil bit of fun. but still, up till now, why menara bangsa???why??!!nasib baek la that's not our national anthem!ROFL., i need to continue with kuih raya baking..nnt sambung lah lagi..kalau rajin..hek3

Friday, September 4, 2009

woooahh! i skipped 2 months~

yay!i'm making an update..
it has been really busy these 2 months..and i really mean it..BUSINESS!

somewhere in july, i was invited to kys for the orchestra..2 minggu kat!
i made some really memorable encounters..
reminisced back the good old times with form 4's and 5's..(these were my form 1's and 2's back in 2006)
tapi seriously, mase datang..i feel really old!and those kiddos yg dlu comel2, skrg dah handsome2 and lawa2..omg!i am old!
and that some new encounters with form 3's, 2's and 1's..i felt like the good old 'Abg Za'ba'..
but obviously la, i wasn't the only kyser there..
of course there's kak leen, who officially got appointed as a part-time teacher during my stay there..she was the headgirl of 2004..and also the concert master of that year..
razeen, org melake..CM 2006..also jadi part-timer gak..
and then ninzy, principle cellist 2006..helping out ms lillian!
there was zaf, principle trumpeter 2007..also the headgirl of that year..
and last but not least, bagok "my adik ipar", principle trumpeter 2008..
boleh expect la kan..every day lepak music studio je..
1st day je semangat bgn awal pergi breakfast kt dining hall!haha..
masuk 2nd day pkl 9 pon blom tentu ar kan..kyser!
so klu pagi2 tu, confirm la kan pergi cafe ngan kak leen and ms lillian..
owh btw, ms lillian is our strings teacher..majoring in cello i think!owh and she speaks japanese!
her husband was my japanese language teacher..haha..
then mesti balik studio before break time..coz the juniors will come and practise!
like REALLY practise!terkejut gak ar mase mule2 datang..we never really practised for orchestra other than the night classes and rehearsals!
it's all thanks to the new music teacher, ms adrin, MYPO double bassist!mmg ar strict gler..
my 1st practice with her was the night right after i arrived there..scores lagu baru pun baru dapat..mmg garang ar..x tipu..1st time the stage was pin-dropped silence!impressive!
haha tp in the end she let loose gak..bagi chocolates to all of us a few times..
owh and one i like about the studio is we gossiped!hot topic; shim!*bukan name sebenar
the ever hated person in the music dept. students ke, teachers ke..sume benci..mane xnye..
waktu class x mengajar, bleh plak maen game! ini bukan buat cite..mmg kami kysers observed!
bleh kate every hour ade je cerite yg dibukak especially by the juniors la..jess, ah khau, khye, sara ruz, nael, mona, kc..owh and nael is the pres of music club..kesian gler tgk die..kne tahan dgn shim!and use kysers, mmg annoyed with him..last minute work la, he even asked us to teach the juniors during day classes!and he'll be on his comp doing who knows what!and i dont know what happen to late mr chiew's (previous woodwind and brass teacher) notes, warm ups and books!
and its a good thing ms lillian passed down late mr chiew's books to me. aah tibe emo..enough of shim!
so the studio brought back memories of me, mase form 5 with those kids and kak leen..we laughed, we shed tears.we practised for ABRSM(really?) haha.. more like, aah tension nye scales!x hafal2 lagi~..jom borak~!rofl..padan la grade 5 dpt 107 je!but seriously, those were the good old days..and practices awal2 mmg tensed..and i can really feel the fear from the juniors..there was no joy in the songs played..datang practice mmg for the sake of datang practice.. mmg x best.. sgt x enjoy..being the shrewd kysers as we are(cheh..) ktorg buat la a heart-to-heart gathering with the orchestra members..sharing is caring kan?=p but alhamdulillah, after that everything improved by tenfolds!even more~and being in the orchestra felt like it was still 2004~2006..macm kat terengganu, perlis, penang, johor, perak..
and that time la i feel like sharing my experience with the other trumpeters; chu-kk, kelent and poppy..hopefully they'll pass down the things that i've taught them to the juniors..duh!shim x ajar kot~and i;m proud to hear from kak leen yang chu-kk ajar the form 1s and 2s trumpet the other day..*tears*
ok the night of performance, mmg best!seriously, everyone was soooooo energetic!especially when playing prik kit nu and rong dung dung-songs arranged by late mr chiew..though shim was the one who conducted..and ms adrin's blue ridge saga, dance of a sugar plum fairy and universal band collection were superb!mmg enjoy gler..owh and encore rasa sayang (also by late mr chiew) pon mantap. i cant compare it with 2006. not because it was too good or anything. it just felt different. the vibes were different! and it just felt right. you can actually feel the soul of each member in the songs!after the VVIPS left..(tan sri couldn't make it!*sob) the audience requested for 2 more songs!haha guess what?!rong dung dung and prik kit nu!mmg all out habis la..they requested for another one.. but ktorg semue dah pancit..haha..but all in all, memang best!sangat best..and i'm pretty sure the audience enjoyed as much as we did!

so..that was the rest of july for me~nnt updates for august plak =p

Saturday, June 27, 2009

lesson for today..

i watched 2 seasons of anime in 3 days..
little did i know that the ending will be super sad..
5 dear friends get separated for their own dreams..
after 5 years of being together...

"Everyone is the same as they were before, but they are also different from before..
I've changed too.. That time is really over.."

and now i'm back to being mellow..sedeyh!!!!

the lesson: jgn tgk cepat sgt..sampai episode akhir menangis x berlagu..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ai-suru Mars-Reiko chan!!=p

hey everyone!!

kokowa mite!
look here!

Kitagawa Keiko wa hontou ni kirei na~
Kitagawa Keiko is really beautiful right~

totemo kawaii da ne~
SO THE VERY CUTE kan~~(hehe..)

マースれいこちゃん, 私はあ貴女の一番のファン!
MARS-Reiko-chan, watashi wa anata no ichiban no FAN!
MARS-Reiko-chan, i'm your number one FAN!!